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The House Rabbit Society is an all volunteer, non-profit rabbit welfare organization. Our Primary concerns are rescuing rabbits from "death row" at animal shelters, finding loving, indoor homes for them, and educating people on the proper care of rabbits. To find out how to join, click here.

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Viral Hemmoragic Disease (VHD) has arrived in the US.  For more info on this disease and what you can do to protect your bunnies, click here.

These are some of our sanctuary bunnies

Bud & Fuzz

Bud & Fuzz

Bud (brown bunny) was found by the local shelter, and was scheduled to be euthanized. The shelter manager remembered to call the House Rabbit Society to see if we could take him. He had no fur on his legs due to a severe mite infestation. After treating for mites, his fur nicely regrew. He has a habit of giving rabbit kisses (licking us on the nose) whenever we are on the floor with him. He was adopted out to a family, and was very happy and fit in well. Unfortunately, the family divorced, and the people were unable to care for him anymore, and he was returned to us.

Fuzz was abandoned as a very small baby bunny, she would fit in one hand! Bud fell in love with her immediately, and they bonded. Since Bud had been adopted and returned, he will not be re-adopted due to the stress involved. Fuzz is bonded to Bud, so they are here for their lifetimes.

Allegro & Oreo


Littermates found abandoned in a field. Allegro is a gray-and-white, macho-wannabe dwarf dutch mix male who likes to act tough but also likes to cuddle. Oreo is a little more shy, a cute black-and-white  female chubbier version of Allegro, and dotes on her brother. They are about 8 years old now. They are showing their age, and move a little slower than they did when they were younger. Allegro had a kidney stone the size of a large marble, and almost died. It was removed, and he is doing fine for his age.



Sneaky was dumped by somebody, who obviously didn't recognize his wonderful personality!  He was surviving by dining on someones vegetable garden.  When captured, he was very scared and wouldn't move.  If you left the room, some of his food would vanish, but when you returned, he was still sitting in the same place, thus the name Sneaky.  He has warmed up to human companionship, and doesn't seem to mind cats either!  He likes his head scratched, and begs for treats.  He lost his friend Anya who was a Flemish Giant who was rescued from a shelter when her time was up.  She had heart problems, probably due to inbreeding and succombed to a heart attack about a year ago. Sneaky misses her, but doesn't seem to warm up to any of the other shelter rabbits.


Sylvia, otherwise known as sillybun, was rescued from a shelter where her time was up. She has a boyfriend called Walter, who came from the HRS national shelter. Walter was originally rescued as a friend for Anya, the flemish giant who died about a year ago. Walter apparently really irritated Anya, because she bit him on the nose, and left a severe wound that healed with a bump of skin sticking up. Silly doesn't mind Walter's nose, and they really like each other. Their favorite pastime is mutual grooming, he licking her back, while she licks his side.

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